Top Cheapest Internet Television Android Set Top Boxes for 2015 Besides a SpiderBox
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Introduction to best and cheapest streaming devices

Deciding on the cheapest internet television Android set top boxes in 2015 can be a daunting task. This is because there are a number of set top boxes, each of which offers its own unique features. Thus, one needs to carefully balance between their needs, the price tag and the features that are available.



Since their early beginning at the start of this millennium, these devices have come a long way. Originally, they were only capable of streaming music. That has now evolved into the ability to stream videos, post on social media or even play games from the comfort of their couch. Originally, they were quite expensive. That has since changed with improved efficiency and an expanding customer. One can get a great android set top box for less than $100 now. Another great advantage of using these compact boxes is that they are very efficient. In fact, one is likely to notice any jump in the electrical bill once they purchase this device.


Top Cheap Set Top Boxes

Matricom G-Box Q

This absolute masterpiece comes for less than $100. The device utilizes Dual-Band Wi-Fi that operates at 5GHz. As a result, the device can comfortably stream 4K videos without any problems. It features 16GB of storage space and 2GB RAM under the hood. This is what is responsible for its awesome efficiency. The device is a bit complex setup, but the effort will totally be worth it. This is a great way to get rid of the expensive cable TV.


Onvo 4k


The manufacturer of this device makes it obvious that this awesome android set top box can support 4K videos. However, this is just a scratch of the surface. The device, powered by a quad-core processor also supports RAC/AV input. The device supports both Miracast and HDMI. This is great for people who own slightly older television sets. It also allows one to enjoy all the features that come with an Android phone on the TV screen.



This is one of the greatest streaming devices for those who are just getting started out on Android set top boxes. It offers all the functionality that one would expect from the high-end expensive devices. It has the ability to stream all the major online channels such as Hulu, Netflix and Amazon. This little device, also recently added the Plex app. This great addition will allow one to stream movies they have stored online. The device has a huge remote that is easy to understand and use. Setting up the device will be a breeze.


Amazon Fire TV Stick

This little dongle is one of the cheapest media streaming devices currently available in the market. Controlling it is relatively easy and is done with an Android device. This device is super portable and easy to use. It is definitely a good bargain for people who are testing out the media streaming industry one foot at a time.


Amazon Fire TV

This is the undoubtedly the best media streaming device this year. Besides being used for online media streaming, one may use the device for playing games. In addition, the device has voice search capabilities. This is undoubtedly its greatest selling point. One doesn’t even need a remote to use it. The set top box is also relatively easy to set up. It also has a family control feature that allows one to have over the content their kids view.


Conclusion to Streaming With the Cheapest Set Top Box

The Android revolution has already begun and there is no going back. It is safe to assume that this Top Cheapest Internet Television Android Set Top Boxes for 2015 are the future of how consumers will get their content.