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by Alfred on Spiderbox
Best support every!

Marlon at Spiderbox was very supportive! He resolved my issues immediately. What he could not fix remotely, he came out the next day and fixed! Two thumbs up!

Thank you very much.

by Rick sikes on Spiderbox

I have loved this since day one. Day 21 wife deleted all of the dvr and I found my lost videos on the TV part of the box. It's a must have.

Thank you.

by T. Marshall on Spiderbox
Super star Service

Excellent service. Friendly Technician. Had a small problem with my spiderbox and the technician came over promptly and took care of the problem righr away. I would recommend this to anyone.

We appreciate it.

by Lynn on Spiderbox

I love the support, I get quick responses and all my questions get answered.

Thank you for the positive feedback.

by Jesus on Spiderbox
The best

The best of the best 100% recommend it amazing very extensive programming very complete and best of all are always aware of what we need or any question to technical support ..

Thank you Jesus.

by Bruce on Spiderbox
Best way to get out of the cable company grip

Ok so to be honest I was very dubious about the whole thing....I mean this just sounded too good to be true, and you know what they say about that....So I took a leap and my wife and I bought this box. Once I got it home and spent about 5 minutes hooking it up I was very surprised at how well it worked. I was so surprised to see all the live TV I wanted, all the movies that I could ever hope to see, and any series I ever wanted to see that I might have missed. I went so far as to hook up the antenna that we also bought so I could watch local channels but what made my wife and I even happier was giving the finger to the cable company who had been ripping us for years for crap..........I whole heartily recommend this to anyone that is either a movie colic or a sports junkie and is just damn tired of throwing your money after bucket loads to your local cable or sat company.

Wow! Amazing review. Thanks for the massive support. Remember to refer 3 and get one free.

by bee mad on Spiderbox

I really like the way they send you as a customer. The know how to videos with all the different apps they have was so helpful. The only thing is the tel customer service is not very good they don't answer it goes to voice mail if they just improve this delicate matter it will be awesome.

Thank you and we will continue to improve our phone support. Thank you for the feedback.

by David Correa on Spiderbox

I absolutely love my spider box!!!! I get to watch any movie I want!!! The customer service is excellent too!!!

Good to hear. Thanks for the love.

by Dee Neuhardt on Spiderbox

We have had our spider box almost 2 years now and absolutely love it. Customer service is amazing and they have always had quick response time to any updates we need. I recommend this box to everyone I know!

We appreciate Dee. Glad to hear and you will have it for years to come.

by Michael Mendez on Spiderbox
Spider Box

Best entertainment investment I've made in years.
Great customer support. Cable can take a hike.

Amen. Thanks for the support.

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