How An Internet TV Stick USB Will Upgrade Your Lifestyle
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This unlocked Internet TV stick USB carries the engine to your streaming destinations. With KODI installed and ready to go, you can enjoy live TV, unlimited content, and international channels without subscriptions or rental apps. With access to every show and flick on the planet for all ages of people everyone will love it. As long as you have Internet, this device will work anywhere with Wi-Fi and HDMI TV.
Enjoy live sporting events; even the main events. This is a plug n’ play Internet TV stick that requires your TV to have an HDMI port (doesn’t have to be a smart TV, as long as your TV has an HDMI port you are good to go). If you have a membership to online video streaming services such as Hulu or Netflix, you can simply add your account to your device. The Internet TV stick is compatible with the Android Google Play store.
Our USB Internet TV stick is lightly loaded with the best third party add-ons to get you everything without monthly’s and rentals. Hook up a sound bar or wireless devices to this dual core device that comes with its own travel package box. The stick is easy to travel with. This TV Internet stick comes with a Power cord and small remote control (you can download remote app to your smart phone). This streaming device is wireless, so there is no cord problems. The KODI software is installed so all the add-ons update themselves automatically minus any difficulty. Other add-ons are on the Internet streaming device and installed at your discretion and leisure.
Also you are streaming the content, so you are not downloading anything (no need to worry).
You have access to ANY internationally streamed content from across the globe, and Adult content. All content is up to date and set up to update automatically. Also, you are streaming the content, so you are not downloading anything. This unlimited ability to stream anything along with a dual core processor, allows the device to work very smoothly and very fast.
The Internet TV power leaves DVRs in the dust!  We like to call it, “pizza by the slice.”  Never wait for slow downloads and slow VPN’s again! Everything is streamed, so you don’t have to wait for downloads, have any pop ups or watch annoying ads. You will find any content you like even first run pictures! International channels are also available on this device! Why pay high cable costs when you have everything on this device.There are so many channels and shows available for free on the Internet this just aggregates all of them.

What Does the Internet TV Stick USB Do?

With this Internet TV stick USB you won’t need a subscription based app in order to use it. You will need to input your username and password for your Amazon account without any debit or credit card.
Most of the add-ons used inside your Internet TV stick do not require a login. There are a few that require you to make an account with their website (add-on) while others offer free and paid options. Paid apps such as Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Go will ask for your login credentials and other paid Android apps are there to explore what fits your lifestyle and watching pleasures. After using this device, it is up to you in regards to subscribing to your content via a paid option. The choice is yours and we always encourage you to pay for your content.
How Does the Internet TV Stick USB Work?
The Internet TV stick connects with the power adapter, HDMI (to your TV), and connect to Wi-Fi. In case your HDMI input port is hard to get to, there is an HDMI extender available to fit the HDMI cord nice and snug.
The Nice Thing About It
\You will not have to connect the Internet TV stick to your PC or tablet for you to use it (you can’t it has to be an HDMI port). There is no PC required. You must have a Wi-Fi connection for this device to connect to your home network.
What If I Lose Data On the Internet TV Stick USB?
No problem, we have customer support in case you need it. We will work with you to gain all of your configuration add-ons back. If there is ever a needed update for your Internet TV stick USB then we can help you. We can guide you through the process with ease.


What Can I Watch On the Internet TV Stick?

1,000’s of full length pictures from around the world (unlimited content)
First run movies from all over the world
Live TV from around the world
Live Sports worldwide
Streaming channels worldwide
Pro sports nationally and internationally
Plus much more…
Take a look at a lightly loaded Internet TV stick for your personal entertainment machine. For pricing and information you can shop with us. Get more info on the Internet TV stick product for streaming media.