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1. Does this device work on more than one television?

No, each television needs to have its own box.

2. How is your product different from Apple TV?

The free content on Apple TV can only viewed when the TV is jail broken and only on an Apple TV.
Our product is capable to play movies at a higher definition level than Apple TV.
You do not have to jail brake our system in order for it to work.

The cost of an Apple TV is higher than our product. They usually range from $230-$420.
The less expensive jail broken Apple TVs are tethered which means they only work when being booted up through a computer. This is not the case with our products.

3. Is this product WIFI capable?


4. Can I live stream my favorite channels?

In most cases the answer is Yes. We cannot guarantee a specific channel but you can look at the add-ons to determine if your channel is available.

5. Will this device work in my country?

Our device works in a majority of countries and regions. However you may need an IP address from the USA in order for some of the add-ons to work properly. If you are looking to use the box internationally, we cannot guarantee it will work to its fullest potential.

6. Can I watch in HD?

Yes, video content from around the world are available in both 720p and 1080p.

7. What makes your product better than the other products available online?

We have taken the time to make our product stand out from the rest. Our box is hand crafted for you. I cannot guarantee more apps available with our product than others. However, I can say we have a lot available because of the platform we built.

8. Does it come with everything I need for easy set up?

Yes, you will get a remote, a HDMI cable and an AV cable.

9. Can I use my pre-existing subscriptions such as Netflix on the box?

Yes of course. You can download the app onto the box in order to use these subscriptions.


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